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Kisses project

noviembre 28, 2013

KISSES FROM ALL THE WORLD (International philanthropic project)
Created by Beatrice Cinnirella

The kiss is a very constant element in our lives!
There are different kind of kisses: kisses between lovers, kisses between friends, kisses between relatives, kisses between collegues, kisses for pets, kisses for plants,etc.

The purpose of my project:
It is to connect people from many countries through pictures of kisses everyone can give during own daily life, during own work day, during the own free time, during a party etc. to people (kids, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, collegues, relatives, etc.) knew or unknow. I would like to spread the idea of ´kiss´ using it also in some funny and original way.

By private message, send me your picture/s on Facebook page (click “like” too) with: your name and surname (real) or nickname if you prefer; name of city and Country; a little description of picture (what that picture represents for you or whatever you want “tell”).
There is not any deadline so you can send me picture/s when you want.

If you like idea/concept, please share this idea with your friends!
Have fun & kiss in great way! 😀

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